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January 2022

Funbox invites you to a very special sleepover, but you'll be too excited to snooze cos we're staying up all night.

Anya and Kevin are trying to plan the most perfect, proper, playful, polished and popping pyjama party but it’s all going to pot.

Full to bursting with singalong favourites like ‘Quartermaster’s Store’ and ‘Bedtime Boogie’ as well as brand new songs; PYJAMA PARTY is the perfect singalong silliness for all the family and features all the songs from FUNBOX’s amazing live show – plus five fantastic bonus tracks!
Get ready to find those keys, unlock the box and release the fun!

Track Listing:
1. FUNBOX Rhyme
2. Up All Night
3. Push The Damper In
4. Quartermaster’s Store
5. 10 In A Bed
6. Birthday Bounce
7. Pyjama B.O.N.Z.O.
8. Catch A Yawn (And Pass It On)
9. The Night Before Christmas
10. Jingle Bells
Bonus tracks
11. Old MacDonald
12. Bedtime Boogie
13. Cheeky, Cheeky Chin
14. Flying High
15. Open The Locks

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