Funbox -Jungle Party (CD)

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(May 2020)

15 Tracks: Funbox Rhyme * Jungle Party * The Animals Went In Two By Two * Monkey Business * Baby Bumble Bee * Birthday Bounce * Jungle B.O.N.Z.O * Amafanabanana * Katie Bairdie * Down In The Jungle * Bonus Tracks: 5 Wee Monkeys * Leapfrog * Macaroni Peas * Superheroes * Open The Locks.

Join Anya, Kevin, Gary and Bonzo (formerly of The Singing Kettle) as they swing through the trees and follow the sound of the drums in search of the ultimate jungle boogie.

Chock-full of singalong classics like 'Down In The Jungle' and '5 Wee Monkeys', jumbo-sized singalong silliness for all the family and features all the songs from Funbox's amazing live show plus five fantastic bonus tracks!

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