Freeland Barbour - Tummelside

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33 tunes: The Blasted Man * Takoma Park * John Wilkie of Blackball * The Hashy Dan * Shredded Breeks * The Scotch Malt Whisky Society * Charlotte's Waltz * Capt. Murdo Kennedy * Malaclete * The Golden Curls * Tummelside * Nelson Navy Cakes * The Vaults;Paraffin Paddy * Millar's Breakfast * Old Fincastle * Commander David Stogdon RNLI * Baerentsen's Toothbrush * The Innocent Railway * Peggy MacDonald of Sollas * Black Dry Snout * Margaret Cameron of Pitlochry * Marianna's * The Gowans Pipers * Capt. Alee Morrison * Tigh na Fuaran * Camasericht * The Black Water * The Road to Bayhead * The Hairy Chocolate Eater * The Meigle Smiddy * The Mendicant Intoxicant * Walnut Grove.

More great tunes by this hugely popular accordion player.

Melody and chords.

A4 paperback, Deeay Music.

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