Freeland Barbour - The Music And The Land (The Piping Section)

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2/4 Marches: Capt. Alec Morrison * Capt. Murdo Kennedy * Dougal MacDougall Of Alturlie * Harris Men * Hugh Cheape's Salute To The Lone Penguin * Johnny Coghill Of Halkirk * Kirsty Horne's 21st * Laxdale Cottage * Malaclete * Meigle Smiddy * Muck Ceilidh * Peggy Macdonald Of Sollas * Portnahaven * Rob And Sheena's Ruby * Robert MacDonald, Valtos * 80th Regiment Scottish Horse.

4/4 Marches: Bonskeid House * Freeland Barbour's Compliments To Sandy And Angela Horne * The Highlanders Of Loon Mountain * John P Mackintosh * MacFail From Bunessan * New Road To Atholl * Red Hackle * Sow And The Boar.

6/8 Marches: Ailig Bhaltois * Archie Stewart's Favourite March * Banks Of The Nile * Brian Webb's March To The O.B. Store * Commander David Stogdon RNLI * Crossing The Piece * David And Jenny Balfour's Welcome To New Zealand * Doctor Jean Balfour Of Kirkforthar And Scourie * Dodburn * Dunolly Castle * Flower Of The Tay * Gowans Pipers * Hills Of Dunsyre * John Hunt's Welcome To Skipness * John Wilkie Of Blackhall * Parks Of Shanter * Pipe Major Laurie Georgeson * Pitlochry Highland Games * Roddie Macleod, Polbain * Sandy Coghill Of Halkirk * Welcome To Newmill.

9/8 March: Tomintianda.

Hornpipe: Doofer.

Jigs: Black Dry Snout * Hardie's Triumph * Jimmy McMahon * Kevin Macleod's * Lussetter Hill * Millar Man.

Reels: Balchraggan Bothy * Burgh Of Barony * Carloway Games Night * Duncan's Return * Forty-Eight Below * Jeddart Snails * Leslie Woods' Reel * Shallow End * Sixteen Miles To The Bottle * Soutra Aisle * Tulach Hill * Windy Goule.

'The Music And The Land – The Piping Section' is a companion publication to the extensive 2-volume book by Freeland Barbour

It contains 65 tunes from the main publication, and these tunes have all been set specifically for the highland bagpipes.

With an introduction by BBC Scotland's Pipeline programme host Gary Ross and pipe settings by Ross Ainslie this is a valuable addition to any piper's library.

Freeland Barbour comes from Glen Fincastle near Pitlochry, in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland, and has been a very well-known and respected figure on the Scottish music scene for many years.

He is co-founder of two hugely successful ceilidh bands, his current band The Occasionals, and The Wallochmor Ceilidh Band, and he is also a member of The Ghillies and an ex-member of Silly Wizard.

Though a multi-instrumentalist, Freeland's main instruments are currently the accordion (piano and 5-row) and piano, and he was the first accordion tutor on the BA degree course in Scottish traditional music at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

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