Freeland Barbour - Music For Old Time Dancing vol 5

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(June 2013) 27 tracks: The Quadrilles: The Lion Standard Quadrilles / Figure 1 * Figure 2 * Figure 3 * Figure 4 * Figure 5 * Figure 6 * The Cuckoo Waltz * The Boston Two Step * Valse Superbe * Melody Foxtrot * Mayfair Quickstep * Progressive Waltz * The Gainsborough Glide * Polka Mazurka * The One Step (One Step/March) * La Rosa (Waltz) * The Roberts (Two Step) * The University Waltz * The Maxina * The Viennese Waltz * The Southern Two Step * Fiona's Polka (2/4 Polka) * Moonbeam Waltz * Sherrie Saunter * A Waltz For The Queen * The Mississippi Hot Dog (5x32 Reels) * The Bluebell Polka.

Fifth volume in this series providing a broad range of music for old time dancing.

Over the past fifteen years and more there has been a significant revival in Old Time Dancing throughout Scotland.

Spearheading this has been Jessie Stuart of Keith, dance instructress and motivator extraordinaire. She has acted as dance consultant to this series of CD's.

The aim of this project was to offer a wide range of music for old time dances that will appeal to dancers and dance music enthusiasts.

The selection of old time dance tunes are played by ace accordion Freeland Barbour to his usual high standard.

Freeland Barbour has been a very well-known figure on the Scottish music circuit for many years.

He is co-founder of two hugely successful ceilidh bands, his current band The Occasionals, and The Wallochmor Ceilidh Band, and he is also a member of The Ghillies and an ex-member of Silly Wizard.

A sixth CD is scheduled for release in November 2013.

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