Freeland Barbour And Friends - The Music And The Land (The Concert)

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(September 2016)

21 tracks: The Shanty Set (The Occasionals) * Laxdale Cottage / The Pitlochry Highland Games (Ross Ainslie, Freeland Barbour And Gary West) * Destiny (Billy Kay) * The Craic At Clashmore Hall / The Drampire (Phil Cunningham, Freeland Barbour And Neil MacMillan) * Frank McConnell's Three Step / Cape Ann (Cunningham, Barbour & MacMillan) * Atholl Braes / The Drunken Piper (Cunningham, Barbour & MacMillan) * Oran Badantarbairt / Badentarbet / Northlins (Cailean MacLean, Jane Gardner And Freeland Barbour) * Remember Them With Gladness (Freeland Barbour, Jane Gardner, Mairi Campbell And Alison Smith) * Kvalnes Reinlender (Freeland Barbour, Jane Gardner, Mairi Campbell, Alison Smith And Kevin Macleod) * In The Lamplight (Freeland Barbour And Janet Barbour) * High Germany (Martin Carthy) * Pasacorredoires de Ponteareas e Vilaba / Aires de Pontevedra (Gary West) * The Whittingham Rant (The Occasionals) * My Son John (Martin Carthy) * Lullaby For Mel / Chris Grace's Jig / Reel Of Beer (Ross Ainslie) * Chastleton Triple / Black Dog's Hornpipe (Simon Thoumire & Freeland Barbour) * Joseph Boseph Set (Simon Thoumire) * Jock Brown's 70th / Tain In The Rain / High Drive (Ross Ainslie) * With Stinging Eyes And Straining Thighs (Freeland Barbour) * Kevin Macleod's Medley (The Occasionals) * - Sarah’s Reel / Sam's Reel (The Occasionals And Guests).

A most unique collection, recorded at two live concerts with Freeland Barbour and special guests.

The album includes contributions from The Occasionals Ceilidh Band - comprising Freeland Barbour (accordion), Mairi Campbell (fiddle), Alison Smith (fiddle), Kevin Macleod (tenor banjo and mandolin), Gus Millar (drums) and Neil MacMillan (piano) - with guests Martin Carthy (songs), Phil Cunningham (accordion), Ross Ainslie (smallpipes and Highland pipes), Simon Thoumire (concertina), Gary West (smallpipes), Jane Gardner (piano), Jane Barbour (piano), Billy Kay (speech) and Cailean Maclean (speech).

These guests appear solo and in various combinations with Freeland which makes for a wonderful album of real listening pleasure.

This album The Music And The Land - The Concert contains much of the magic of these two nights, a chance to hear just a few of the compositions from the book, and also to hear music from the distinguished list of performers.

Everyone in the concert had also made a contribution to the book in some way and this made for a wonderful atmosphere and, in the words of author James Robertson, "A book launch like no other".

Tracks include not only Freeland Barbour’s compositions but those of Phil Cunningham, Gordon Duncan, Simon Thoumire and more, plus traditional tunes.

The album was produced by Freeland Barbour, recorded by Garry Boyle and mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland. Design is by Mike Garden at Birnam CD. Front cover photo by Cailean Maclean.

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