Fraser And Ian Bruce - Auld Hat New Heids Volume 1

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(July 2017)

14 Tracks: Prelude * Doon In The Wee Room / Gallowa' Hills * Shoals Of Herrin' * The Stoutest Man In The Forty Twa * Loch Tay Boat Song * The Jute Mill Song / Wark O' The Weavers * Silver Darlings * The Diamond Ship * The John Maclean March * Fairfield Crane * Jock O' Hazeldean * Three Nights And A Sunday Double Time * Been On The Road So Long * Twa Recruitin' Sergeants.

Four of Scotland's top folk singers and musicians recreate the fabulous fun days of the 1960s and 70s on the Scottish Folk ...

This album captures the live performance and rekindles the songs and atmosphere of the folk clubs of yesteryear when Scottish Folk Music was at its peak.

Fraser Bruce (vocals), Ian Bruce (vocal, guitar), Pete Clark (fiddle), Gregor Lowry (accordion).

"The shows are extremely popular and we believe that we have managed to transfer that stage fun to this, our first CD as a group." Fraser Bruce.

"Throughout the years that Celtic Connections have been running there have been many memorable concerts. This concert will go down as one of them! It was a truly memorable night and up there with the best concerts over the years. A show designed to rekindle the songs and atmosphere of folk clubs of yesteryear with audience participation it did exactly what it said it would ... This was one of those nights you did not want to finish. People left with huge smiles on their faces raving about how good the evening was. At the start of the evening Fraser recited a poem listing the many folk clubs that used to be open over the length and breadth of the country. Sadly the majority of these clubs are no longer however, "Auld Hat and New Heids", is doing everything in its power to bring back those heady days. This show continues around the country, it would be foolhardy to miss it. For songs and laughter this is the show to go to." Celtic Connections, January 2017.

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