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(August 2019)

9 Tracks: O'Donnell's * Fairies * Tom McHale's * Stornoway Bay * Ged 's Socrach Mo Leaba * An Coilleach * The Youngest Daughter * St Kilda * Castlerock.

A debut nine track album from five-piece band Fras who since 2014 have stormed their way through the West coast of Scotland and beyond.

Fras blend old melodies and original tunes to create a crashing wave of highland music.

Tearing up dancefloors in their wake and leaving audiences captivated. Dile, is a forecast of what's to come. More than just a shower, a heavy downpour!

Angus Binnie (pipes, whistles), Murdo Cameron (guitar), Tam Kinsella (banjo), Kirsten MacLeod (accordion), Colin Masterton( flute, whistles).

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