Francie and Josie - Live In Rothesay 1970 (CD)

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11 Tracks: Hullaw Rer * It's A Wonderful Thing * Visit To Holyrood Palace * Yer Actual Spiritualists * Francie Sings You "A Little Song" * Josie At The Joanna Playing 'The Warsaw Concerto' * From America... Tiny Tim Sings 'Tiptoe To The Cowshed' * La Di Da Di Da * Hullaw Rer Fair Midden * Rock Around The Clock * At Arbroath * Wir No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'.

Timeless comedy classic from Scotland's lovable Chinas, the talented duo Francie (Rikki Fulton) and Josie (Jack Milroy).

Recorded Live in Rothesay in 1970, the comic duo, perform songs and dances to their admiring audience.

Francie and Josie came from an idea by Stanley Baxter, Stan Mars and Rikki Fulton, and first appeared in the Alhambra Theare, Glasgow in 1958. The characters were gradually developed by Rikki Fulton and Jack Milroy as the season progressed.

Great comic timing from two great Scottish entertainers.

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