Frances Wilkins And Claire White - Blyde Lasses

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(April 2013) 14 tracks: Hadd Dee Tongue * Eagle Bairn * Wedding Tunes * Maas * Rough Diamond * Da Homin * Jigs * Draem Flooers * Box Social * Spencie's Tunes * Shingly Beach * Da Lasses * Fit For A Queen * Antarctic Life.

A long awaited debut album of traditional and original Shetland songs and tunes.

This delightful album offers a glimpse into Shetland's aert-kent musical tradition. Frances and Claire's performances are as rich in stories as they are in music.

Blyde Lasses are a dynamic young female duo who showcase traditional Shetland songs and tunes on fiddle and concertina.

Frances and Claire have played as a duo since 2007 and over the past few years have enjoyed touring the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates.

In Shetland dialect Blyde Lasses means 'glad girls'.

Songs all sung in the Shetland dialect, the sleeve notes include background information with full lyrics and a useful glossary of Shetland words.

Claire White (fiddle, vocals), Frances Wilkins (english concertina).

"Distinctive and Delightful."(Scottish Culture and Traditions).

"Top notch professional sound and the packaging of Blyde Lasses is good value too, lots to listen, read and learn from." (Jeff Allen, Cairo).

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