Forres Accordion and Fiddle Club - 30 Years On

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(December 2007) : Looking For A Partner * Walter Douglas M.B.E. * Lewisvale Waltz * The Drunken Piper * Brig O' Feuch * Major David Manson Of Clachnantrushel * Apollo Polka * Dark Lochnagar * Loch Ruan * The Pearl * The Dark Island * Jimmy Burgess Two-step * Balkan Hills * Waltz For Mary * Northlands * The Cottage On The Hill * MacFarlane O' The Sprotts * Roamin In The Gloamin * Hamish's Tune.

Thirty Years On - and still going strong.

Tunes old and new are played by current members, old and new!

Presented by Andy Ross.

Solos, small groups, and the big sound of the stramash.

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