Flockart - Night Shift

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(May 2013) 10 tracks: Kirsten's Set * Billy And Tom's Waltz * Delaney's * Boo Baby's Lullaby * Hora Lautareasca * Night Shift * Superfly Set * The Grey Heron * Eva's Set * George Mel's Dream.

Top class playing with a strong acoustic blend from fiddle and guitar duo Flockhart.

The album contains many self-penned tunes by Islay fiddler, Rebecca Brown and guitarist Sean Thomson.

From melodic slow airs to frenzied sets...energetic and fiery.

Rebecca attending the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music in Plockton for two years, and graduated from Strathclyde University with a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Music.

Over the years she has been taught by teachers Gillian Frame, Dougie Pincock, Alistair McCulloch and Iain MacFarlane.

Good use has been made of an assortment of stringed acoustic instruments and percussion.

The duo are joined on some tracks by acoustic bass, bodhran and cajon.

Rebecca Brown (fiddle, five string fiddle, viola), Sean Thomson (guitar), Calum Sneddon (cajon), Marissa Waite (bodhran), David lennon (acoustic bass).

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