Fiona J Mackenzie - Deagh Dheis Aodaich (A Good Suit of Clothes)

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(July 2009) 12 tracks: Dùthaich MhicAoidh * Òran a' Chianalais * Dèan Cadalan Sàmhach * Tha thu beò nam anamsa * 'Illean Bithibh Sunndach * A' Choille Gruamach * Òran Cuantireach * Cuir Cùlaibh ri Asainte * Dùthaich nan Craobh * O Mo Dhùthaich * Eilean an Àigh * Tilleadh an Eilthirich.

A unique collection of Gaelic emigrant songs, traditional, contemporary and in a variety of styles, depicting the experiences of Highland emigrants over the past 300 years - both happy and nostalgic.

The songs include those well known, such as O Mo Dhùthaich from South Uist and Cuir Cùlaibh Ri Asainte from Sutherland, as well as more unusual songs such as Òran Cuantireach (written in New Zealand to the tune of Robert Burns' Ae Fond Kiss) and Òran Chianalais, The Homesickness Song, written in Australia.

Tilleadh An Eilthirich also features an archive recording of the composer Archie Mackenzie from Halifax, Nova Scotia, singing his newly composed song at a cèilidh on Eriskay in 1975, his first visit to the land of his forefathers.

Produced by Irvin Duguid, the album features some of Scotland's top musicians - John Goldie, Mary Ann Kennedy, Anna Massie, Ian Muir, Fraser Fifield, James Mackintosh, Guy Nicolson, Simone Welsh, Mr McFall's Chamber, Ed McFarlane - and singers Darren MacLean, Katie Mackenzie and Sineag Macintyre. Special guest Cathy Ann MacPhee, herself an emigrant.

Fiona J Mackenzie, a native of Morayshire, has lived in Dingwall for the last twenty years. She has worked in Gaelic Medium Education and as the Mairi Mhor Gaelic Song Fellow for the Highland Council. This is Fiona's second release on Greentrax, following the groundbreaking Duan Nollaig (A Gaelic Christmas).

Fiona won the Ladies' Gold Medal at the Royal National Mod in 2005, and in 2004 won the Scots Trad Music Awards Personality Of The Year - she has twice been nominated for STMA Gaelic Singer Of The Year.

This album is a valuable resource in 2009 (as the year of Homecoming Scotland) for those wishing to research their own genealogy as well as those with an interest in Scottish emigration history.

"Mackenzie has a gorgeous, clear and haunting voice that will bring tears to your eyes..." (Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs)

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