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10 Tracks: The Braes O'Gleniffer * The Weary Pund O'Tow * The Cruel Mother * Shift And Spin / The Shoemaker * Young Emsley * The Bleacher Lass O'Kelvin Haugh / Fiona Hunter's * Ye Heilan Chiels * The Laird O Drum * MacCrimmons Lament * Jock Hawks Adventures In Glasgow.

A debut solo album from Fiona Hunter, one of Scotland's foremost traditional singer.

Fiona has been singing as part of the renonwed folk song group Malinky for almost a decade.

Her time with the group has seen them win many accolades including the prestigious Folk Band of the year award at the 2010 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards.

Fiona has also been nominated three times in the Scots Singer of the Year category at the awards.

This album released in 2014 features songs from her native Glasgow and beyond. It highlights Fiona's fine vocal line and her adept ability to tell a story.

She is joined by some of the finest instrumentalists currently gracing the traditional music scene, including Mike Vass, Matheu Watson, Euan Burton, Gillian Frame and some special guest vocalists.

Fiona Hunter (vocals, cello, harmonium, shruti box), Mike vass (fiddle, tenor guitar, acoustic guitar, viola.mandolin, harmonium, glockenspiel, vocals),Euan Burton (double bass, vocals), Gillian Frame (vocals)

"Hunter's strengths lie in a vocal tone that she varies to suit the mood of the song while always sounding like the real deal and her ability to project a genuine empathy with the characters she’s singing about." Rob Adams, The Herald Scotland

"It's a beguiling tapestry of sound which leaves you wanting more." Matthew Linley

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