Finlay MacNeill - Fonn Is Furan

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(June 2000 re-issue of 1982 recording) 13 tracks: Mala Chaol, An Ribhinn Donn, Fágail Bharraidh, An Talla 'm Bu Ghnàth Le MacLeoid, E Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn, Cumha Iain Ghairbh, O Na Cuir Cùl Rium, An T-Eilean Mu Thuath, Gur Tu Mo Chruinneag Bhoideach, Bó Mhór Nam Balach, Thig An Smeòrach As T-Earrach, Trì Fichead Bliadhna 'S A Trì, Pìobaireachd Dhomhnaill Dhuibh.

This album is finally available on CD, having been on cassette for many years. Finlay is a well-known and much loved singer. With Ducan MacGillivray, Brian McNeill, Alan Reid, Stuart Anderson, Brian Miller, Dorothy and John Boa, and Alison Kinnaird. With English lyric translations.

"For many years he has been one of the most popular Gaelic singers in Scotland, and his numerous appearances on radio and television have made his voice familiar to all who love the music of the Gael." (Seamus MacNeill)

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