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(October 2002) 16 tracks: Y Gwydd * Brothen * Y Rhaeadr * Felton Lonnin * Ty Crwn * Goshawk * Pais Dinogad * Cwcw Fach * Beth yw'r Haf * Dacw Nghariad * Chwaer Mari * Le Petit Cordonier * Llys Ifor Hael * Chwarae * Aros Mae * Galw.

Ffynnon, a folk group from Wales, perform songs deeply rooted in the rhythms, traditions and landscapes of their Celtic tradition.

Their debut CD is both ancient and contemporary, traditional and modern. The tracks include a Scottish border ballad, traditional dialect songs, 6th century nursery rhymes and Cumbrian sheep counting, jigs, a Breton song for dancing and 17th century poetry put to music.

Vocalist Lynne Denmam is in the vanguard of the new, exciting breed of singers emerging from Wales today. Her ethereal voice provides an idyllic soundtrack for the new Wales. Stacey Blythe displays a unique cross-cultural diversity on a wide variety of instruments, and Dave Reid is an active figure on the London jazz scene.

Lynne Denmam (vocals), Stacey Blythe (accordion, cello, harpsichord, recorders, piano, vocals) and Dave Reid (6 string bass guitar, keyboards, vocals).

"Ffynnon, one of the great new folk bands from Wales" (Folk Roots)

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