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(November 2020)

12 Tracks: The Bent Note: The Bent Note March * Fergie And Addie Compositions: Joy Dunlop (Reel) / My Friends 2020 (Reel) * Loch Maree Islands * Iain MacFarlane - Reels : Donald MacAulay Of Creagorry / Violet Henderson's Reel / Anne's Reel/ The Reunion Reel * Jiggy-Jig Jigsaw: The Absent Minded Fiddler / The Lockdown Jig * John MacDonald - On The "Box": The Red Socks / Pirates Of Leverburgh * Gaelic Waltz: Mingulay / Fil-O-Ro *Misty Isle Reels: Mrs MacLeod Of Rassay / The Sound Of Sleat * Gary Takes The Floor: The Gary Innes Song * John MacDonald - Irish reels: The Tinker's Daughter / The Plough And The Stars / The Bucks Of Oranmore * Strip The Willow - Jigs: Alistair Henderson Of Portree / John "Gaffie" MacAskill Of Glenelg / Kenny Morrison's Jig Of Amhuinnsuidhe * Ciara: Diamonds In My Pocket.

Latest release from The Ceilidh King, Fergie MacDonald and friends.

"During this dreadful period in our lives, in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic, I thought - what can I do? In isolation, life can become very trying for so many people. Especially the older generation. Regulations forbid artistes meeting and recording an album in a studio, but thankfully Addie Harper, Iain Macfarlane, Gordon Gunn, Allan Henderson, Hugh MacCallum, Tom Currie and Richard Smith came to the rescue. Much time was spent getting the album together with the aid of telephone, laptop, mobile phones etc. Yes, unorthodox methods in strange times. I hope some of the tracks will cheer you up. Compiling this album would not have been possible were it not for the help from my daughter Morven. Sounds a good ceilidh to me, even without the traditional dram! Slainte."

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