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(January 2017)

13 Tracks: I'll Carry Your Song In My Heart * Linden Lea * Caismeachd Bho Bhlar Chairinis * The Jolly Boat * Baleshare Rowing Song * Se Saoghal Beag A Th'ann * Ruidhle Do Stearnan Beag * The Rolling Hills O' The Borders * A Fagail Na Dachaigh * Udal Waulking Song * Hacking Back To The Wild * Failte * The Road To Eriskay.

A musical collaboration inspired by the connections and differences, past and present, of landscape, culture and language within the British Isles.

Far Flung Corners was first conceived as a Soundstorm music education project led by Dorset musicians, songwriter Alex Roberts, multi-instrumentalist Dan Somogyi, and fiddlers/composers Simon Bradley and Anna-Wendy Stevenson from Scotland.

They are joined by fantastic young musicians from the renowned traditional music course at Lews Castle College University of the Highlands and Islands based in the Outer Hebrides.

This inspiring CD features beautiful compositions with a particular focus upon the Outer Hebrides and South West England.

Anna-Wendy Stevenson (fiddle, spoken voice), Alex Roberts (vocals, spoken word, guitar, tap steel, bouzouki), Simon Bradley (viola), Dan Somogyi (piano, guitar), Mabel Duncan (vocals, fiddle), Tom Campbell (flute, bodhran), Jordan Neil (guitar, pipes), Joseph Peach (accordion).

"As is often the case when musicians work together, these collaborations rapidly evolved into a full artistic collaboration, providing beautiful focus for learning and for exchange captured here on this CD. What resulted is a true exchange of ideas, inspired by and celebrating our respective places, our connections and our differences, our past and present. As Alex puts it, in the opening track, 'I arrive a stranger, hope to leave as a friend. And I'll carry your song in my heart." Anna Wendy Stevenson, Dan Somogyi.

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