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(August 2018)

A two hour DVD recorded at Victoria Halls, Selkirk, on Sunday 5th August, 2018.

This critically acclaimed multi media production of a Scot's journey to The Western Front in WW1 was devised, written and directed by Ian McCalman.

A series of concerts around Scotland, sponsored by WW100 Scotland, Poppy Scotland, Legion Scotland and Creative Scotland was arranged for 2018 and Greentrax Recordings produced this DVD from the first of these concerts.

This Concert production arose out of the Greentrax double CD – ‘Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems and Music of World War 1’ (CDTRAX1418) and has been presented in several venues across Scotland, including a sell-out return visit to Celtic Connections in the Glasgow Concert Hall.

The DVD should not be regarded as simply a duplication of the double CD content but is an independent production.

Songs, Music and Poems:

First Half: Battle Of The Somme (pipes) * Last Mile Home/Mademoiselle From Armentiers/We're Here * Your King And Country Need You * Victory Parade * Geordie McCrae * Hush! Here Comes A Whizz Bang / Bombed Last Night * Dulce et Decorum Est (poem) * Black is The Sun * Hallowe'en *Fritzy Boy/The Old Battalion * Keep The Home Fires Burning * And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda * Tha Ar ‘n Ainm Ard Air Menheim (Our Names Upon The Menin Gate) * Victory Parade * Childhood's End * Look For A Silver Lining * It's a Long Way To Tipperary.

Second Half: Farewell To The Creeks (pipes) * Goodbyeee * In Flanders Fields (poem) * Jimmy’s Gone Tae Flanders * Proof That We Are Winning The War (story) * Whiter Than The Whitewash / I Want To Go Home / I Don't Want To Be A Soldier * The Only Girl In The World * The Bells Of Hell / Raining * Roses Of Picardy * The Devonshire Carol * I Wore A Tunic / Far, Far From Wipers / When This Bloody War Is Over * An Eala Bhan (The White Swan) * Victory Parade * The Bells Of Hell * Keep Right On To The End Of The Road / It's A Long Way To Tipperary / Pack Up Your Troubles * Only Remembered.

The Entire Cast:

Barbara Dickson MBE; Mairi MacInnes; Siobhan Miller; Fiona Forbes; Anne Murray MBE; Mary Weatherston; Carol Prior; Mairearad Green; Dick Gaughan; Ian McCalman; Iain Anderson (narrator); Ian Bruce; Stephen Quigg; Stevie Palmer; Professor Gary West; Brian Miller; George Archibald; Charlie Milne; Tom Ward; Allan Prior; Kenny MacDonald; John Blackwood; Jim Weatherston; Dennis Wilson; Gordon Stewart; Peter Heywood (overhead slide projection); Norman Gore and Donald Hay.

"It was a beautifully crafted show and there should be some way of letting everyone in the world experience it. Come back anytime." Donald Shaw Director of Celtic Connections.

"A standing ovation raised the roof of the Queen’s Hall for several minutes after the show had finished. It was a stirring end to a night honouring a terrible tragedy, one that left the entire audience moved and sombre, but strangely elated." Broadway Baby.

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