Ewan McLennan - Stories Still Untold.

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(October 2014)

13 Tracks: A Beggar * Out On The Banks *The Shearing * Aye Waulkin O * Songs Of The Lower Classes * Tales From Down At The Harp * The Ballad Of Amy Nielson * Rattlin' Roarin' Willie * The False Young Man * Prince Robert * The Granite Cage * Henry Joy * Coorie Doon.

A stunning third album from the talented folk singer Ewan McLennan.

This album showcases his musical skill and passion as a wordsmith and storyteller.

He sings and composes songs which are rooted in both traditional songs and the tradition of folk music as social commentary.

Sleeve notes information on songs.

Ewan McLennan (vocals, guitar, banjo) * Lauren MacColl (viola) * Beth Porter (cello) * Ross Ainslie (whistle) * Inge Thomson (accordion) * Siobhan Miller (backing vocals).

"With the release of Stories Still Untold he’s rewritten the rule book again, to breathtaking effect. This is a absolutely stunning record that for any fan of folk music is in the 'must own' category. Just be warned hearts will be broken and tears will be shed, but the sorrows are oh so sweet and the greatest comes when the final note is struck." Simon Holland, Folk Radio UK.

"In many ways Ewan McLennan is the perfect embodiment of modern folk song. An outstanding guitarist, a magnificent interpreter of traditional song and an immensely gifted songwriter. Colin Irwin, Spiral Earth.

"This is an album of songs. In the most part, it's also an album of stories." Ewan McLennan.

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