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(September 2010) 15 tracks: Tramps And Hawkers * Jamie Foyers * Arthur McBride * Old Man's Tale * Jock Stewart * Another Morning's Beggar * Joe Hill * Jer The Rigger / Flowers Of Edinburgh * As I Roved Out * A Man's A Man * Jute Mill Song * I'm A Rover * Yorkshire Regiment * Auld Lang Syne.

Acclaimed young folk singer and guitarist - an exciting new talent.

Ewan McLennan is an artist who has been making headlines performing at festivals, clubs, and concert halls across the UK. His music combines traditional music from around Britain (and beyond) with an inevitable concentration on the music from Scotland where he grew up. His own self-penned songs are receiving critical acclaim in their own right.

His guitar playing is influenced by the rigour and technique from years of studying classical guitar for his music degree, followed by further tuition from guitar supremo Martin Simpson - it retains a unique, compelling sound in which his immersion in folk music is evident.

Ewan's repertoire covers the broad range folk music has to offer, from powerful unaccompanied song to dance tunes and melancholic airs, strikingly arranged for the guitar, from his own earthy and socially-aware contemporary songwriting to his personal forte of ballads.

"I was completely and utterly bowled over by Ewan's music. One of the most exciting new voices I've heard in years. Deep commitment and understanding is the bedrock, and there's a sure touch here that runs through the music like iron. He sings beautifully, with great sincerity, great empathy, he's terrific!" (Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2)

"Once in a while you hear a new voice, a new sound that is really worth listening to. Ewan McLennan is one such." (Martin Simpson)

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