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(Autumn 2007) 19 tracks (56 mins): Thomas Saunders * Strip The Willow: Bernara Bridge / Rory MacLeod / Nelson Mandela's Welcome to Glasgow / The Kitchen Maid * Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll * Sands of Vatersay * Medley: The Marchioness of Tullibardine / Loch Rannoch / The Laird Mhor Reel / Maggie's Reel / The Lintie * Red Haired Mary Is Dancing * Hillbilly Girl With The Blues * Calum's Road * Irish Medley: Destination Donegal / Rathlin Island / My Donegal * Highland Schottische: Traditional / Traditional / Calum Beag / Ian Douglas's Welcome to the Big Wide World / The Turriff Schottische * Kathleen's Waltz * Brown Eyed Girl * Morag's Set: Morag Forrest of Airdrie / Morag Ramsay / Morag's Ceilidh * Boston Two-Step: Bold O'Donoghue / The Irish Washerwoman * 6/8 Marches: Heights of Casino / Ellenor * Protect And Survive * Electronic Pipes: Oran Eriskay / Father John MacMillan of Barra / Farewell to the Tay * Eriskay Waltzes: Eriskay My Home / Eriskay Love Lilt * Ooh... Aah, Just A Little Bit.

The dynamic duo of Eriskay Lilt have a huge following throughout the Highlands & Islands. Mind you, it’s not surprising, given the lilting West Coast sound that they produce, guaranteed to have the feet tapping wherever they perform.

On this, their first album, they present a fine mix of original material and a good selection of popular favourites. Eriskay Lilt are equally at home playing Scottish, Irish and Country & Western songs and are also adept at the usual ceilidh dance favourites including Strip the Willow and the Highland Schottische!

With covers of songs from Runrig, Van Morrison and Gina G, plus more traditional material, there is surely something for everyone on this CD.

Don and Kathleen MacDonald are joined on this CD by some of Scotland’s finest musicians, namely John Carmichael (second accordion), Colin Garvin (keyboards), Duncan Findlay (guitar) and Gordon Smith (drums).

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