Eriskay Lilt - Childhood Memories

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(2005) Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie O * Canadian Barn Dance * Childhood Memories * Strip The Willow * Bad Moon Rising * Britannia Two-step * Loch Maree Islands * Farquhar and Hettie's Waltz * Highland Schottische * It's A Heartache * Margaret MacLean's Waltz * 500 Miles * Reels * Westering Home * The Gambler * Skye Connection * Working Man * Show Me The Way To Amarillo * Reels

19 songs and tunes in fine style

Eriskay Lilt cover an astonishingly broad musical sweep. Britannia Two-step, 500 Miles, Canadian Barn Dance, Show Me The Way To Amarillo, all you need for an easy party evening. Two sets of reels, two waltzes and a Highland Schottische complete the dances.

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