Eric Bogle With John Munro - Voices

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12 Tracks: A Fork In The Road * Once Upon A Time * The Best Of Times * When I'm Dead * First The Children * Heartland * The List * Farewell Fitness * Ballad For Billy * Freedom Lost * Breakup * Voices.

An eagerly awaited album from probably one of the greatest songwriters of the past several decades Eric Bogle.

This amazing collection of songs comprises eight from Eric himself, two songs from John Munro, one from Peter Titchener and a song sent to Eric by Simon Wilkins.

A true wordsmith, Eric's songs encompass his varied interpretation of all aspects of life and the world about us.

Greentrax Recordings has been associated with Eric Bogle since 1989 and in those 27 years Greentrax has released all Eric's live and studio albums, including his collaborations with touring buddy John Munro, plus various compilations and a 5 X CD Box Set.

Eric Bogle wrote the classic ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ and ‘No Man’s Land’ (‘The Greenfields of France’), which were placed No. 1 and 5 respectively in a ‘Celebrity Top 50 Songs Poll’ in a national newspaper, above such international artists as Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen and John Prine.

John Munro (acoustic guitar, mandolin, lead vocals on ‘Best Of Times’ and ‘Voices’, backing vocals), Peter Titchener (acoustic guitar, lead vocals on ‘Farewell Fitness’), Emma Woodcock (fiddle, cello), Jon Jones (percussion), Damien Steele-Scott (bass), Kathie Renner (piano), Peter Franche (accordion), Leonard Cohen (slide guitar),The Bogle-ette's (additional singers on ‘Voices’).

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