Eric Bogle with John Munro - A Toss Of The Coin

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(April 2013) 12 tracks: Ashes * By The Arafura Sea * Song For James * Absolution * In Flanders Fields * Reg Evans' Cradle * When An Angel Appears * Home Is The Hero * A Toss Of The Coin * Roll Call * Glory Days * Don't Throw Away Your Dreams.

A long awaited album from Eric, securing his place as one of Scotland and Australia's eminent and most prolific songwriters.

Twelve excellent tracks, seven songs written by Eric, two by his touring partner John Munro, who takes the lead vocals on two songs, with the remaining songs writing contributions by friends.

A true master of the pen, Eric's songs are powerful and highly emotional inspired by world events like "Black Saturday" bushfires of February 2009 and John MacRae's 1st World War poem "In Flanders Field." Eric's music to the poem brings the words to life with great effect and reflects his continuing fascination with World War I.

He has toured heavily during his long and distinguished career and literally brought his music to the world, and as a result has established a solid international fan base.

Although in 2009 he completed his final tour of the United Kingdom and Europe, this album is proof that Eric has not given up his love of song-writing and recording.

John Munro (guitars, mandolin, ukulele and vocals), Emma Luker (fiddle and cello), Damien Steele Scott (electric bass, piano and guitar), Pete Titchener (guitar and vocals), Jon Jones (drums and percussion), Mike O'Callaghan (guitar), Liz Frencham (backing vocals), Maggie Rutjens (backing vocals).

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