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February 2022

15 Tracks: The Old Dog's Song * The Armageddon Waltz * Embers * The Girl In The Photo * Song For Susan * The Source Of Light * If She Ever Dreamed * A Cottage In The Country * The Flag * Catching The Wave * The Border * When The Last Tree Falls * Eric's Never Written A Song About Me * Mind The Gap / A Dear John Letter * If I Should Wake.

The latest release from one of the greatest folk singer-songwriters of the past several decade's Eric Bogle.

Eric was born in Scotland in 1944, and in 1969 he emigrated to Australia where he still lives. He has been writing songs and poems since he was eight years old - possibly his most recognizable and popular song is 'And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' which was named in 2001 as one of the Australian Performing Rights Association's Top 30 Australian songs of all time.

'The Source of Light' was recorded and produced in Australia in late 2021 by Peter Titchener and the artwork was designed by Emma Luker, both members of the 'Bogle Band'.

Released on licence by Greentrax recordings who has been associated with Eric Bogle since 1989.

Musical support from the talented Emma Luker (fiddle, cello, viola, harmony vocals), Peter (guitar, vocals).

Other guest singers and musicians include Damien Steele Scott (acoustic guitar and electric bass), Jon James (percussion), Richard Coates (accordion and keyboards), The Sherrahs (backing vocals), Anthony Stewart (mandolin and electric guitar), Anthony O’Neil (tenor banjo).

In addition, Gina Jeffreys (lead vocals), Peter Franche (accordion), Rod McCormack (acoustic guitar) and Mike Haynes (upright bass) recorded the song 'The Girl in The Photo' and English artists Chris While (vocals) and Julie Matthews (keyboards) laid down 'a poignant and loving interpretation' of 'Catching The Wave'.

All songs are written by Eric except 'The Border' (by the late John Munro), a tune – 'Mind The Gap'- by Emma Luker and two songs by Peter Titchener: 'Eric's Never Written a Song About Me'(sung by Peter) and 'The Girl in The Photo'.

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