Eoin Dillon - The Golden Mean

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(July 2010) 8 tracks: Boy Raycer / Wexford Races * Star of the Sea * Barrakaldo * Lament for Fr Pat Noise * Babaganoush * The Pound Loney * The Yoghurt Weaver's Lament * And Fox Ate Nandy's Red Shoe.

Self-penned tunes from Kila's piper, covering the musical spectrum from dramatic fast-paced reels to rich laments.

Eoin Dillon's follow-up recording to The Third Twin - he is rejoined by his companions from the previous album.

Showing again how tunes without lyrics can tell a thousand stories, allowing the imagination to wander. Sometimes fast and breathtaking, sometimes slow with careful consideration, this album shows the full breadth of Irish music in Eoin's recognisable style of open and relaxed piping.

And Fox Ate Nandy's Red Shoe chronicles the daring exploits of Nature's battle with modern city life. Barakaldo recalls the wanderlust in us all. Lament for Fr Pat Noise recounts the tragic demise of a fictional Dublin character, while The Yoghurt Weavers' Lament pays homage to a long lost art form.

Eoin Dillon (uilleann pipes, whistles) with Steve Larkin (fiddle, viola), Desmond Cahalan (guitar) and Frank Tate (bouzouki, mandolin), and guests Martin Brunsden (bass), Kevin Murphy (cello) and Graham Watson (guitars).

"Uillean pipes, fiddles, violas, guitars and an array of other instruments, which come together in an orgy of sound, delighting our aural senses..." (Eoin Dillon)

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