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(December 2002) 22 tracks: Dorsetshire Militia (The Truggs) * The Rochester Recruit (The Wassailers) * The Bonny Light Horseman (Canny Fettle) * Peggy and The Soldier (The Truggs) * The Soldier's Return (The Deadly Wars) (Hunter McConnell and Setanta) * Old 95th/Young May Moon (Rams Bottom) * Will Ye Go To Flanders (Cockersdale) * The Female Drummer (Linda Adams) * The Rout Of The Blues (Scarborough Sands) (Martin Carter) * White Cockade (White Hart) * The Gentleman Soldier (The Ripley Wayfarers) * Soldiers Three (Graham and Sheila Nelmes) * Dol-I-A (The Tees-side Fettlers) * The Soldier's Fancy (Linda Adams) * Danny Deever (Jolly Jack) * Flowers Of The Town (Roy Harris) * Jamie Foyers (Cockersdale) * D-Day Dodgers/When this Lousy War is Over (Johnny Collins) * The Deadly Wars/General Monk's Goosestep (Rams Bottom) * The Shores Of Old Blighty (The Tees-side Fettlers) * The Soldier (Woodbine Lizzie) * Roses In December (Ian Walker).

The soldier in song from the English Civil War to The Falklands. Many's the song about enlisting, and the glory of the fight - but these are joined here by those about the mud, the guts, the disillusionment and the despair.

Not just pretty old songs about muskets and cockades, swordsmen and battle chargers, but the stark reality of current loss of life in Ireland, and the ridiculous atrocities of the Falklands War.

Gunners, light horsemen, female drummers, foul sergeants, conscription and present-day insanities. Three hundred years and more of soldiering songs sung to appropriately stark accompaniment.

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