Elizabeth Morewood - Traditional Shetland Songs

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(November 2009) 26 tracks (45 mins): In A Moarnin O Mey-O (Unst Version) * Da Homin * In A Moarnin O Mey-O (Yell Version) * Auld Merran's Sang * De Norrowa Wheel * De Merry Boys O Greenland * Shame Faa De Laird * De Auld Hill Grind And Fram Apunim * King Orfeo * De Delting Spinning Song * Hushie Baa Baetie * Tre Teetle Daddle * De Shaalds O Foula * Whaur Sall Wir Peerie Hinnie Lie * Cataroni * Baloo Balilli * Jannie's Tun * De New Year's Sang * De Boady * De Unst Boat Song * Minnie O Shirva's Cradle Song * Valleyfield * Saa You Me Maggie * Hurr-Hurr De Noo * Ta-Ra-Ra-Ra * Boannie Tammie Scolla.

Elizabeth Morewood has been collecting Shetland songs for years because she was concerned that, as the years passed, they were becoming unknown. She has put this collection together to preserve them in print, and in song on the CD.

Featuring songs from several of the Shetland Islands (including Yell, Unst, Bressay and Fetlar) sung by Elizabeth unaccompanied, plus several fiddle tunes.

Extensive accompanying booklet includes song lyrics and Shetland dialect glossary.

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