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(August 2018)

4 Tracks: My Home In Argyll * The Girl From The Rodeo * Too Young To Settle Down * She Smiled For Me.

A debut EP from singer/songwriter and guitarist Elis Macfadyen.

Elis is a well-kent face around the folk clubs, bars and open mic venues in the Inverness area.

He plays and sings a range of Scottish, Folk, Country and other music on guitar, both solo and in various band line-ups.

Originally from Glencoe in Argyll, Elis penned the title track from this EP in tribute to his home county. On this song, Elis and multi-instrumentalist Marc Clement are joined by Michael J MacMillan on accordion.

The music on this EP demonstrates the range of Elis’ song writing but also the skill of Marc Clement who recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the EP, showing his depth of musical understanding, skilful playing and studio expertise throughout the process.

"It has always been my aim to write songs that others can sing, with this EP I asked Marc to produce the songs as he saw fit. Some of the songs are quite different to the version I sing acoustically, and I am very pleased with the way the material has been interpreted." Elis Macfadyen

Elis Macfadyen (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Michael J Macmillan (accordion track 1).

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