Elis Macfadyen - Dreamers And Journeys

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(May 2020)

13 Tracks: Life's A Journey * Living Your Life In One Day * I've Travelled This Road Forever * Reality And Rebel Dreams * Man In The Sky * Rovin Journeymen * Dreamers Only Live For The Dreaming * Living My LIfe This Way * Kirkconnel Lea * Dreams Of Lochaber * She Smiled For Me * Roadside Acquaintance * The Journey.

A second album from singer/songwriter Elis Macfadyen who has written songs around the theme Dreamers and Journeys.

Elis has added vocal arrangements and delicate guitar parts to express the mood and feeling of the songs.

Kirkconnel Lea (track 9) features Innes Macfadyen (Elis's Dad and Alan's grandad) who in 1956 recorded some songs and music on reel-to-reel tape to send to his cousin who had moved to America.

Elis Macfadyen (vocals, guitar)

Guest musicians: Rachel Campbell (fiddle,vocal), Ed Sloggie (accordion), Alan Macfadyen (bass), Dave McIntosh (drums), Steve Bull (piano).

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