Eilidh MacKenzie - Eideadh na Sgeulachd

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Gaelic Singer Of The Year - MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2010 .

(1992) 14 tracks: 'S olc a dh'fhag an uiridh mi (Last year you left me) * Eideadh na Sgeulachd (The Raiment of the Tale) * Fhir a' bhata (My Boatman) * Oran balaich Eoghainn (The song of Ewan's sons) * I Huiraibh o chan eil mi sian (I am not well) * Cuir Culaibh ri Asainte (Turning your back on Assynt) * Acadh Bhuana (Harvest field) * Mo chridhe sian (Whole-Hearted) * Ghraidh an tig thu? (My love, will you return?) * Latha Chuil-Lodair (Culloden) * Oran Gaoil a rinneadh ri taobh Loch Laomain (A love song composed on the banks of Loch Lomond) * Puirt-a-beul (Mouth Music) * A' Fagail Ghriais (Leaving Gress) * Thig am bata (The boat will come).

Eilidh is a native of the Island of Lewis where her family provided her with a constant source of musical influence and inspiration. Eilidh and her sister Gillian are both National Mod Gold Medal winners. This is Eilidh's first solo recording.

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