The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2010 CD

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(August 2010) 12 tracks: Fanfare * Massed Pipes And Drums * Polish Highlander Brigade Band * The Citadel Regimental Bands & Pipes (USA) * The Band Of The Brigade Of Gurkhas * Massed Highland Dancers * Royal Jordanian Armed Forces * New Zealand Army Band * Grenadier & Coldstream Guards Bands / 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards Corps Of Drums * Massed Bands And Massed Pipes And Drums * Finale * March Out.

Celebrating 60 years, recorded live from the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo was conceived in its present form and first performed in 1950. Today, with its unique blend of music, ceremony, entertainment and theatre, it is without question one of the world's greatest shows. It takes place during the Edinburgh Festival and is set against the unique and amazing backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.

Supported by The Royal Bank Of Scotland.

Complete tune listing:

Fanfare: A Royal Diamond Fanfare

Massed Pipes & Drums: The Green Hills Of Tyrol * After The Battle * The Mist Covered Mountains * The Bluebells Of Scotland * The Rose Of Allendale * Andy's Lullaby * We Will Take The Good Old Way * The Brown Haired Maiden * The Devil In The Kitchen * Flower Of Scotland * Banjo Breakdown (Jig) * Banjo Breakdown (Hornpipe) * The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo * Happy We've Been A' Thegither.

Polish Highlander Brigade Band: Signal Janosik * Na Straznicy * Wizja Szyldwacha * Einzug Der Gladiatoren * Mazur Z Op * Colonel Bogey * Orawa * Scena Goralska * Marsz Podhalanski * Hej Janicku * Zwyrtany * Trombitas Signal * Intrada Regionalna * Scottish Fantasia.

The Citadel Regimental Bands & Pipes (USA): When The Saints Go Marching In * The Thunderer.

The Band Of The Brigade Of Gurkhas: Men Of The Hills * Zorba The Greek * Yo Nepali.

Massed Highland Dancers: The Marquis Of Huntly * Stumpie * The De'il Among The Tailors * The Reel Of Tulloch * Rankine's Jig * The High Road to Linton * Jock Wilson's Ball * Kate Dalrymple * Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay.

Royal Jordanian Armed Forces: Atholl Highlanders * Glorious Victory * Louden's Bonny Woods And Braes * The Black Bear * Special Forces March * Rabe'l Kafak El Homr * Jordan Army * Ya Belady * Army Song.

New Zealand Army Band: Cry Me A River * Colonel Bogey * Swan Lake / Shetland * Shetland Fiddler * St Louis Blues * Get Smart * Haka * Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy * Pirates Of The Caribbean * Boogie Wonderland.

Grenadier & Coldstream Guards Bands / 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards Corps Of Drums: State Ceremonial * You Raise Me Up * Let Me Entertain You * Road To The Isles.

Massed Bands & Massed Pipes & Drums: A Hundred Pipers * Here's To The Heroes * Old Rustic Bridge.

Finale: Merchandised Infantry * National Anthem * Auld Lang Syne * I Vow To Thee My Country * Sleep Dearie Sleep.

March Out: Scotland The Brave * No Awa' Tae Bide Awa * The Black Bear * Scotland The Brave.

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