Dysart and Dundonald - Pipe Bands of Distinction

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(January 2006) The Fallen Stag * The Swagger * I.A.D. Macleod * J F Mackenzie * A Man’s A Man * Seann Thomais * The Children’s Song * Rose Of Allandale * Patti * Auld Hoose * Jimmy Young * Tulloch Castle * March Du Petri * Murdoch Macallister * Major Wilson * Kiwi Clipper * Great Thou Art

Jig, Waltz & Hornpipe * The Fallen Stag/Fulmar’s Flight/P/M G Allan * Hornpipe & Jig * The Swagger/Doug Boyd’s Favourite 1/ Paddy’s Green Isle/Doug Boyd’s Favourite 2 * Hornpipes * I;A;D * Macleod/The Cuckoo * Strathspeys, Reels & Jigs * J F Mackenzie/Balmoral Castle/Marry Me Now;Miss Stewart/Dans Le Jardin * 2/4 Marches & Slow Air (Burns Medley) * A Man’s A Man/Corn Rigg/Aye Love Nae A Lassie But Yin/Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin/Star O’Rabbie Burns * Slow Air & Jigs * Seann Thomais/Cpl Macritchie/Lady Bowhill * 4/4 March & Reel * The Children’s Song/The Chasm * 4/4 Marches * Rose Of Allandale/All Thro’ The Night * Hornpipe & Jigs * Patti/ P/M Hugh Macpherson/Tushielaw/Crosshill * 4/4 Marches * Auld Hoose/Lea Rig * 2/4 March, Strathspey & Reel * Jimmy Young/Cameronian Rant/Loch Carron * Strathspey, Reel & Jig * Tulloch Castle/Poisoned Dwarf/Faut Or Cartsonia * ¾ Marches * March Du Petri/My Land * Hornpipe, Jig & Slow Air * Murdoch Macallister/The Merlins Meeting/Kelly’s Walk * ¾ Marches, Slow Airs & Jigs * Major Wilson/Within A Mile O’ Edinburgh Toon/Laggan Love/Shepherd’s Building/Laggan Love * Jigs;(Solo Piper D Murray)- Kiwi Clipper/Craig Cluny Salute/Mother’s Fancy * Hymn, Reels & Hornpipe * Great Thou Art/Fairy Dance/Circassion Circle/Clumsy Lover;

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