Duncan McCrone - Land Of Gold

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(June 2018)

13 Tracks: Land of Gold * If Wishes Were Fishes * The Song of The Skylark * Run, Run, Run * Honeymoon Bridge * The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face * The Pioneers * My Eldorado * Resurrection Road * Magic Shadow Show * My Old Man * Harbour Wall * The Surf And The Silver Fishes.

A fourth album from Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Duncan McCrone.

Well-kent for his work with Hot Toddy, Dapplegrim and later the well established and hugely popular Glasgow band The Clydesiders, with whom he remained for 18 years.

During this time Duncan and Cy Jack, his close musical buddy, had also been developing their songwriting, and branched into writing and recording music for film and TV with their production company Ranza Music.

Then followed a live album 'Just A Glasgow Boy', next a studio album 'All You Need To Know', co-produced by former Bay City Roller Stuart 'Woody' Wood, and then a third, also a studio album, 'Colourblind' in May 2012.

In earlier times Duncan even made a couple of 'pop' singles under the name Duncan Aran.

In 2018 Duncan made his 4th album this time for Greentrax Recordings - 'Land of Gold'.

Duncan surrounded himself with musical friends Cy Jack, Stevie Lawrence, Chris Stout, Ray Laidlaw and Finlay MacDonald, who often appear with him as The Tron Band, plus Rab Noakes, Kathleen MacInnes and Catriona McKay.

The album was recorded in Chem 19 Studios, Glasgow.

Duncan McCrone (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) Cy Jack (acoustic bass guitar, double bass, keyboards, vocals), Jim Yule (guitar), Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, mandola, cittern, guitar, percussion, sitar), Ray Laidlaw (percussion), Paul Savage (drums), Sandy Brechin (accordion), Chris Stout (fiddle, viola, piano), Catriona McKay (Scottish harp), Fraser Speirs (harmonica), Finlay MacDonald (whistles, smallpipes, Highland pipes), Jim Jack (vocals), Rab Noakes (guest vocals on Resurrection Riad), Kathleen MacInnes (guest vocals on Land Of Gold), Kristan Harvey (fiddle on The Pioneers).

"Anyway, I hope you smile at the tales of the Kintyre smuggler, the Hebridean Klondike Kate, the welcome immigrants and the brave little Dunkirk ship. There's sadness in the tribute to our fishing communities and in the story of the young couple lost during a long-delayed honeymoon. If the plight of the dispossessed at Christmas touches you in some way, then I'll feel the stories were worth writing." Duncan McCrone.

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