Duncan Macdonald - Carn Air A Mhonadh

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(August 2012) 12 tracks: Dhealaich Mise Nochd Ri M'Lennan * Maiden Of Morvern * A Chailinn Alainn * Birlinn Cholla Choitaich * Just A Wearyin' For You * An Ataireachd Ard * Sa' Choill Ud Thall * Carn Air A'Mhonadh * Nam Aonar Le Mo Smuantean * A Man's A Man * Caol Muile * Tuireadh Nan Treun.

A long overdue debut album from Duncan, National Mod Gold Medal Winner of 1970.

Since winning the National Mod Gold Medal in his beloved Oban in 1970, the voice of Duncan MacDonald, now resident in Taynuilt, has become one of the best known and most distinctive in the Gaelic musical scene, whether as an accomplished solo performer or as a member of various Gaelic choral combinations.

A personal selection of his favourite pieces in Gaelic and Engish.

Includes a comprehensive booklet with Gaelic Words and English Translation by John Archie Morrison.

Duncan Macdonald (vocals), Neil Sinclair (piano), Erik Spence (organ), Sileas Sinclair (accordion), Allan Henderson (fiddle), Finlay Wells (guitar).

"Never a man to do things in a rush, Duncan has made us wait 40 years for this album - but it is well worth the wait and includes many of his, and my, favourite songs." Kenneth Thomson.

"Duncan Macdonald brings us a CD of timeless classics, sung in the refreshing style of a bygone era." Paul A McCallum.

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