Duncan Chisholm - Live At Celtic Connections

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(November 2013)

9 tracks: Unknown Air * The Farley Bridge * Lorient Mornings * Lorient Reprise * Rubha Nam Marbh * Camhanaich Air Machair * Caoineadh * Johnny Sheain Jeaic * The Erchless Scout * Mallai Chroch Shli.

One of Scotland's finest fiddle players in action at Celtic Connections 2013.

A captivating selection of pieces played as they were on the night.

"I have been a professional musician for most of my adult life and I am aware that there are moments in your career that you could never describe to anyone. There is an invisible connection you create with fellow musicians and audience alike, borne out of a collective sense that this moment is special, this place is special. The atmosphere feeds of itself and weaves throughout the music that is performed, making everyone a part of it. Such was the magic I felt at the Kelvingrove on that stormy night of January 2013... I am proud to present my live album, with a selection of pieces played just as they were on the night, capturing the evening as it unfolded." Duncan Chisholm.

Duncan Chisholm (fiddle), Ross Hamilton (bass), Allan Henderson (piano, fiddle), Jarlath Henderson (uillean pipes, whistles), Martin O'Neill (bodhran), Matheu Watson (guitar).

String and brass ensemble conducted by Gary Walker.

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