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(July 2012) 14 tracks: Miss Eva Britannia Gordon: Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel / Wee Highland Laddie / The Braemar Gathering / The Wise Maid * A Fine Set Of 2/4s: The Clan MacColl / 91st At Modder River * Coat Of Many Colours * Pipe Reels: The Silver Spear / The Ale Is Dear / The Brolum / The High Drive * Gaelic Waltzes: Mo Chailin Dileas Donn / Eilean Luinn / Eilean Fhionnan / Clachan Ghlinn Da Ruadhail / Failte Rubha Bhatairnis * Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad * Highland Scottische: Hugaibh Oirbh / M' Eudail Air Do Shuilean Donna / Innis Dhomhsa Ca'il Thu Cadal / 'S Iomadh Rud Tha Dhith Orm * Drams Behind The Curtain: The Duck / Blow My Chanter / Ally Bally / Dram Behind The Curtain * Far Away In Australia * Fiddle Set: Si Bheag Si Mhor / Captain Campbell / The Mouth Of The River Tobique * That's Another Fine Set Of 2/4s You've Got Me Into: Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean / Jim Christie Of Wick * Tir A' Mhurain * Ardhaven: Ardhaven / Margaret McGuire's Waltz * The B Set: The Banshee / Bulgarian Red / The Dirty Bee / The Road To Errogie.

Debut album from this dynamic 4 piece ceilidh dance band from Lochaber and Argyll.

In the modern traditional music world the concept of a fixed line-up can be quite loose; musicians often drift between several different groups, but sometimes a combination will get together with explosive results. Drams Allowed is one instance of this, and shows what can happen when four young people with musical pedigrees as long as the A82 combine their natural talents with some serious musicianship.

A true showcase of the band's diverse capabilities. The 14 tracks on the album seamlessly layer the finest in west-coast dance music with occasional hints of Rimsky-Korsakov, Dire Straits, Dolly Parton and Benderloch’s Angus MacColl. The album, however, never steers far from what drives them to create music – solid sets of well-chosen and effortlessly-played tunes which are a joy to dance to.

The last track of the album gives the whole band a chance to show off, with classical cadenzas and rock rhythms and riffs skilfully blending with some of the best reels you'll hear this side of Ardgour.

Sileas Sinclair (accordion, piano), Deirdre MacDonald (fiddle), Sarah Sinclair (vocals, guitar), Ryan McGlynn (drums). Guests: Colin Melville (pipes), Colin MacKenzie (vocals, guitar, whistles, melodeon), Finlay Wells (guitar, mandolin, bass guitar).

"This highly impressive debut CD has it all – great tunes, arrangements, musicianship and vocals, so pour yourself a dram, hit the play button, and I guarantee you'll enjoy!" Blair Douglas.

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