Dougie MacDougall Of Alturlie And Special Friends - At The End Of A Perfect Day

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(October 2016)

20 Tracks: Ballochyle / Angus MacKinnon * The Centenary Jewel / The 93rd At Modder River * Jeanna MacDougall / Donnchadh / Donella Johnstone * The Shores Of Loch Bee / John P.MacKintosh * Sarah's Song * Patrick McGovern / The Blackberry Bush / Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran * Dougie MacDougall Of Alturlie / Jimmy The Joiner * Lament For Red Iain * Lexy MacAskill / Captain Lachlan MacPhail Of Tiree / The Reunion Reel * Millbank Cottage / Irene Meldrum's Welcome To Bon Accord * The Dark Island * Lady In The Bottle / Ness Bothan / Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong * Farquhar And Hettie's Waltz / Mo Mhathair / Pretty Bay * Donald McKay Of Upper Barvas / P/M Jim Christie Of Wick * Crossing The Minch / The Brolum * Argyllshire Gathering / The Sprig Of Ivy * Spootiskerry / The Silver Walk / Itchy Fingers * I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue / Primrose Polka * Lady Lever Park / The Conundrum * At the End Of A Perfect Day: The Eternal Surge of the Sea (An Aitearachd Ard).

A long awaited debut album from well-kent Inverness button box player, Dougie MacDougall.

He has waited until his 88th year to make this recording.

This album of 20 carefully selected tracks offers a great mix of tunes including jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes, marches and slow airs.

Includes some of his own fantastic compositions.

"To play the 3-row button box is not a skill that is given to many and we should salute those that have it, and Dougie is amongst that distinguished number. So it is with the greatest admiration for him, and his wonderful family, that I commend this recording to you. It is highland through and through and the best of stuff." Freeland Barbour.

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