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March 2006) Sunset Over Tarbert * Sprig Of Ivy * Fishing The Herring * Teann a-Nall * Jim McAllister's Jig * Lies * Tha Smeorach 'S A' Mhadhainn Chiuin * She Stole Me Away * A Way Of Life * Dashing White Sergeant * 'S Math A Dhannsadh Uisdean Friseal * Great Wall Of Sand * Days Gone By * Smedens Anden Fynbo * So Sorry * Rakes Of Kildare * Celebrations * S' Fhada Bhuam Fhin Bonn Beinn Eadarra * The Rejected Suitor * Butterfly Girl * Auld Reekie * The Drunken Piper * Fear A' Bhata * Rain Again

A compilation album recorded through a series of workshops, Dooker Soup is a 21st century collection of the music and conversation of Tarbert in Argyll. Covering traditional, choral, and dance music, rock, pop and contemporary folk.

And what’s a Dooker? Ah, you’ll have to buy the album to find out!

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