Donald Black - Bho m' Chridhe - From My Heart

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(April 2017)

16 Tracks: Hornpipe * Pipe Reels * Mary K's Waltz * 2/4 Waltz * Gaelic Melodies * Jigs * Slow Air * Rockfield Polka * 6/8 Marches * Slow Air * New Island Waltz * Highland Scottische (2/4 Marches) * Slow Air * The Highland Express * Canadian Scottish (Two-Step / Clog / Reels) * Slow Air.

An excellent fifth album from one of Scotland's best exponent of the Scottish Celtic Harmonica Donald Black.

Donald showcases his unique skills with a well chosen 16 track selection of instrumentals, incorporating original, traditional and established material from the wide Celtic music repertoire.

Jigs, Strathspeys, Reels Marches and Hornpipes to get the toes tapping and west coast Waltzes and emotionally charged Slow Airs and Laments all delivered in his own effortless virtuoso style and with much feeling.

Co produced with Ross Wilson, and featuring a stellar line-up of guest musicians including legendary Malcolm Jones (Runrig), Nashville's famous award winning multi-instrumentalist Charlie McCoy, Alec Dalglish (Skerryvore), Allan Henderson (ex Blazin' Fiddles), Donnie MacKenzie and Martainn Skene (from The Donald Black Band), Mario Collosimo (Cape Breton, Novia Scotia), Andrew MacPherson (Deoch An Dorus), Addie Harper Jnr. and more.

Throughout the years of his recording career he has enjoyed extensive radio play and made TV appearances both at home and abroad, has played many concerts and festivals to hugely appreciative audiences in his native Scotland, as well as England, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Russia and the U.S.A. - taking his Scottish Celtic Harmonica from Moscow to Kansas City, Chicago to Stornoway. He features strongly in the German TV harmonica documentary Imagination is Limitless and is mentioned in three books on the instrument - The Encyclopaedia of the Harmonica by Peter Krampert, Harmonicas for Dummies by Winslow Yerxa and Die Mundharmonica by Cristoph Wagner .

Donald has thus far been the only Scot to be invited to perform at S.P.A.H. (the annual convention of the Society of the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) held in the U.S.A. He has also twice guested at the U.K. National Harmonica League annual convention held in Bristol, England.

The album free-hand calligraphy on cover by Donald Black.

This super album is a labour of love by a true Highland gentleman.

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