Dick Black and His Scottish Dance Band - By Yon Bonnie Border Burn

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(May 2005) 18 tracks: Grand March Medley: The Merry Masons / Far Ower the Sea / I’ll Aye Ca’ in by yon Toon / Morrison’s Seven Thistles * Waltz: By Yon Bonnie Border Burn * Hornpipes Medley : The Coffee Leaf / The Boys of Bluehill * Gay Gordons: O’Kane’s March * Slow Air: The Heroes of Longhope * Step it Neatly Medley: Drumelzier Rankine / The Garple Burn * Waltz Medley: Auld Quarry Knowe / Mary Richardson / Lassie Wi’ the Yellow Coatie / Mary Shaw * Swing O’the Kilt: Ballochmyle * Special Irish Medley: Lovely Derry on the Banks of the Foyle / Boys from the County Armagh / The Rose of Mooncoin * Sound of the North: Orkney Strathspey and Reel Society’s Compliments * Border Ballad: The Rose of Allandale * Southern Rose Waltz: Sunset on the St Lawrence * Bothy Ballads Medley: Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl / Big Kilmarnock Bunnett / Kissin in the Dark / The Soor Milk Cart * Dunoon Barn Dance Medley: Colonel McLean of Ardgour / John McFadyen of Melfort * On Parade: March to the Stars * When You and I were Young Maggie * The Jiggin’ Medley: Midlothian Pipe Band / Up in the Mornin’ Early / John Grumlie / Let the Hackles Rise * Bonnie Scotland Medley: Bonnie Scotland / Dark Lochnagar.

Dick Black and his Scottish Dance Band

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