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Scottish Dance Band Of The Year winner at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2012

(September 2008) 12 tracks: Skyeman's * Donald Archie & Mrs MacLean * Donald MacPhee * Gaelic Waltz * Leaving Lochboisdale * The Galway Shawl * Gary & Jackie's * Highland Pipe Medley * Highland Schottische * Gay Gordons * Amy & Donna's * Gordon's Jigs.

Second album from the West Coast ceilidh band Deoch 'n' Dorus.

Stuart Cameron (accordion), Simon Moran (fiddle), and Andrew MacPherson (drums, bodhran, Highland bagpipes) with guests Kathleen MacInnes, Duncan Lyle, Danny Moran and Davie Gracie.

"From the heart and the soul - from musicians that understand, and care, about their music. Deoch 'n' Dorus successfully fuse the older traditions with new discoveries and compositions" (Blair Douglas)

"This is the second album from the young trio who mix classic fiddle and accordion with drums, whistles and Highland bagpipes in an infectious swingy style... Great peat-and-brine-soaked instrumental tracks." (The Scotsman)

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