Rab Noakes - Demos And Rarities vol 2 - Adventures With Gerry Rafferty

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(May 2014)

19 Tracks: Mary Skeffington * Waiting Here For You * Shine A Light * Restless * All Away * Long Dark Night * Fallen Ones * Blues Around Me Now * Same Old Place * Lonely Boy Tonight * She's All I See * I Won't Let You Down * It'll Be Me * See Me Again *Same Old Place * Shine A Light * (Sittin' here) Lovin'you * Mary Skeffington * Moonlight And Gold.

A unique album spanning over forty years of Rab's association with Gerry Rafferty and featuring 'The Kilmacolm Demos' from 1976.

Rab Noakes is one of Scotland's well kent singer/songwriters, known for his work performing with Lindisfarne, Stealers Wheel and Gerry Rafferty.

The collection of 19 songs begins with the 1971 original recording of 'Mary Skeffington' (a lovely song about Gerry Rafferty's mother).

Includes a studio visit by Rab and the band he had for the 'City To City' tour in 1978.

The album finishes with a live recording of 'Moonlight and Gold' from Celtic Connections concerts in 2012.

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