Deaf Shepherd - Even In The Rain

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(February 2002) 12 tracks: Islay's Charms / Farewell to Millennium Village / Pierre's Right Arm / Alex C MacGregor * The Bonnie Lass o Wellwid Ha' * The World's End / There's Time to Wait / Mince in a Basket * The Alborada Rant / Chessmen * Yestreen I had a Pint o' Wine (The Gowden Locks o' Anna) * Póilín Ní Lionsaigh * The Braemar Gathering / Morag MacNeil, Tangusdale / Colin Clark Caruthers / New Hands / Donella Beaton * I Coft a Stane o Haslock Woo / Ben Wyviss * Uist Dance / Lady Madelina Sinclair / Grant's Reel / Dunse Dings A / Haggs Castle * The Mermaid's Sang * Even in the Rain / The Quebec Breakdown / Unknown / Gregor Lowrey's * Lost For Words at Sea.

The band's third recording has been eagerly awaited and they are at their most sparkling yet. The album displays the musical maturity of the band, and explores new territory whilst maintaining a passion for the tradition.

A group which emphasises the strength of the traditional nature of its music by leaving the music to speak for itself. A contemporary accent and a sure hand bring old tunes right up to date.

This enhanced CD includes the bonus track Lost for Words at Sea, with Sam Brown on lead vocals. Also live video footage from the Edinburgh Festival 2001 plus exclusive interviews with the band.

Clare McLaughlin (fiddle), Marianne Campbell (fiddle), Rory Campbell (pipes, whistles), John Morran (guitars, vocals), Malcolm Stitt (bouzouki) and Mark Maguire (percussion, vocals).

"Great to see the band back on such fine form! An outstanding new offering from the band that will undoubtedly pitch Deaf Shepherd back to the top of the league in the folk scene." (Moray Firth Radio)

"Deaf Shepherd are quite simply the best folk band Scotland has produced in many a year" (The Scotsman)

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