David Glen's Ancient Collection Of Piobaireachd - Book 1

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(2007) : Scale and Fingerings * The Battle of Vaternish * The Macdonalds’ Tutor's Lament * King James the Sixth's Salute * Campbell of Cawdor's Salute * The Lament of the Old Sword * Struan Robertson's Salute * The Desperate Battle (Coolin) * Black Donald Balloch of the Isles’ March (Pibroch Donald Dhu) * The Glen is Mine * Chisholm's Salute * The Prince's Salute * Patrick Og M'Crimmon's Lament.

David Glen (1853-1916) produced one of the most important repositories of Piobaireachd music. This re-print is of great significance.

His settings are excellent, if sometimes different from the other sources of the time.

A4 paperback 32 pages.

DAVID GLEN’S ‘A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd’, despite the fact that it has been almost totally unavailable since the 1950s, is still one of the most important repositories of the Piobaireachd tradition.

David Glen (1853-1916) was heavily involved in piping in the second half of the eighteen-hundreds.

The son of Alexander Glen, a prominent Edinburgh-based bagpipe maker, he took up the family business which had expanded into publishing and during his own lifetime set a new benchmark with his own prolific output.

David Glen was an important link in the study of Piobaireachd, being a skilful editor, an assiduous collector and a fine piper who displayed considerable ability as well as an open mind in the task with which he presented himself.

He was also assisted by Colin Cameron, son of the great Donald Cameron who was a pupil and friend of Angus MacKay, and had access to all the living authorities of his time as well as the many great unpublished manuscripts.

The decision to re-publish the entire seven book Piobaireachd series comes in the wake of growing interest in the works of David Glen who was reckoned by the legendary John MacDonald, Inverness to be the most reliable authority in existence - and that remark was directly aimed at the works of the Piobaireachd Society and Archibald Campbell.

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