David Glen's Ancient Collection Of Piobaireachd - Book 7

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(March 2013)

The final 15 piobaireachd in this influential series.

Tunes: Sir Hector MacKenzie Of Gairloch's Lament * The Red Hand In The MacDonalds' Arms * The Lament For The Dead * Melbank's Salute * A Lament For Captain MacDougall * A Lament For Ronald MacDonell Of Morar * Duntroon's Pibroch * MacLeod Of MacLeod's Salute * The Marquis Of Argyll's Salute * In Praise Of Marion (The MacDougalls' Pibroch) * The Unjust Incarceration * The MacDuffs' Gathering (The Inverness Pibroch) * The Battle Of Auldearn (The Grahams' Gathering) * Lady Margaret Macdonald's Salute * My Dearest On Earth, Give Me Your Kiss!

The decision to re-publish the entire seven book Piobaireachd series comes in the wake of growing interest in the works of David Glen who was reckoned by the legendary John MacDonald, Inverness to be the most reliable authority in existence - and that remark was directly aimed at the works of the Piobaireachd Society and Archibald Campbell.

The series was initially published between 1880 and about 1907, and the originals have been meticulously cleaned up for faithful, but clear, copying, so you see the original settings exactly as written.

David Glen was an important link in the study of Piobaireachd, being a skilful editor, an assiduous collector and a fine piper who displayed considerable ability as well as an open mind in the task with which he presented himself.

It is hoped that by making this old series available once more that these settings will be heard more and more, in both the competitive and social piping arenas.

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