David Alexander Hunter - Now It's My Turn

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August 2022

This collection contains 55 original compositions by Dundee born Davie Hunter.

Features 49 tunes for pipes and 6 for other instruments.

Davie Hunter is well kent on the piping scene and works with many top musicians designing and typesetting music collections, aptly named 'Now It's My Turn' Davie presents his own material in this super collection.

Tunes: The Balmoral Pyramid * Drs Dymock of Barnhill * Paul M. Brown Of Lochore * Farewell To The Isle Of Cumbrae * Mr & Mrs Hunters' * Crossing The Parramatta River * Karen McAleese Of Ballymoney * Peter Wood Of St Ninians Cottage * Drum Major Mickey Powell * Paris In The Springtime * Sharpie's Farewell To RAF Leuchars * I'll Get This! * Mr & Mrs Meek's Welcome To Kingennie, Shilling & Fitz, Rory’s Stag, The Marrs of Deans, The Parramatta ‘Stash, Amy McClymont of Borgue, Dancers Feet, Dex’s Midnight Runner, Glasgow’s Welcome to A Whole Lotta Folkies, Melbourne Bound, Mickey’s Olympic Dash, Mike Laing’s Reel, Modulation, Paul Campbell’s Infamous Strings, The Broken Road, The Half Cut Tenors, Drew Hannah of Balmullo, Ella’s Lullaby, Linne Tatha (“The Firth of Tay”), Miss Emily, Ms Sylvia Byres, Remember the Mona, The Final Farewell, The Golden Moon, Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, How Furlough Can You Go?, Mari Ritchie’s, The Laird of Pitlessie, The Piper in Plaster, The Pie Roll Technique, The Samsons of Parkgrove, Tour de Fife, 100 Days and Counting (In the Wrong Country), Downtown Party Bus, Huggy’s Holidays, Kieran and Holly’s (Bundle of Joy), Rossco the Chanter Bandit, Stephen Ross of Troon, Top of the Rock, Trip to Basel, The Whisky Sommelier, The Missing Piece

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