Danceperados Of Ireland - Life, Love And Lore Of The Irish Travellers

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(March 2017)

16 Tracks: Listen Listen * Session By the Campfire (Reels) * Raggle Taggle Gypsy * Travelling Rhythms (Slip Jig) * The Old Tin Can (Jig) * The Last Of The Travelling People * Lilting / Blue Eyes / A Lovely Madness * Woman Of No Place * Kilkenny Races (Set Dance and Reels) * A Traveller I've Always Been * Step Back In Time (Polkas) * Wexford * Storyteller Time (Historic Narration) * Clattering Hooves (Bodhran and Dance Duel) * Born In The Middle Of The Afternoon * Freedom Is Just Another Name For Nothing Left to Lose (Reels).

This CD is the live recording of the magical Danceperados Of Ireland who deliver an authentic show of Irish music, song and dance.

The enthusiasm for Irish step dancing is firmly embedded in the name of the show and this CD.

Dancing, singing and playing music is part of the Irish DNA and the Danceperados are no exception!

Life, love and lore of the Irish Travellers is a tribute to the sub-culture of the travelling people of Ireland. The Irish travellers are a nomadic minority with a distinctive way of life. They have unique rituals, customs and are highly superstitious.

The thriving Irish folk and dance community of today would hardly have emerged that strongly in the sixties and seventies, if some travellers families would not have held onto their tradition.

They demonstrated to the rest of the Irish and then the World how unique Irish traditional music, song and dance are. Some of the greatest Irish musicians, singers and dancers are from a travelling background.

The Danceperados combine songs, dances, historic recordings of storytelling and photographs to show how the life of the travellers changed over time. In particular the vivid multivision makes this more than just a dance show or a concert. It is a cultural extravaganza.

The shows choreographer is Michael Donnellan - a two time World champion. He was lead dancer with Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. He is regarded as one of the top ten Irish step dancers of his time. He embraced the challenge of not only creating impressive dance items but to adapt them to the storyline written by the artistic director Petr Pandula.

Includes booklet.

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