Daimh - Crossing Point

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(August 2007) 12 tracks: Domhnaill Mor * Mo Nighean Chruinn Donn * Trip to Glenfinnan * Anxo's * Nuair a Chi Thu Caileag Bhoidheach * Turbo Shandy * Oran a Mhagarine * Murdo's * Sealg a's Sugradh nan Gleann * Eathar Dubh a Bradhagair * Dram * Polkas.

Dàimh (pronounced da-eve) is the Gaelic word for affinity or kinship. This six-piece group brings together an exciting combination of musicians from Cape Breton Island, Ireland, the West Highlands of Scotland and the Irish/American scene - effortlessly blending music and song from their native traditions with tunes picked up along the way.

Their music is a very high energy, fast-flowing mixture of tunes and songs from these traditions, fusing together to produce a fluid sound which has been setting audiences alight from North America to Eastern Europe.

Their individual styles on bagpipes, fiddle, banjo, guitar, bodhran, mandola and vocals create the unique Dàimh sound.

Dàimh consists of Angus MacKenzie (Highland pipes, Border pipes), Gabe McVarish (fiddle), Colm O’Rua (banjo and mandola), Ross Martin (guitar), James Bremner (bodhran) and the most recent addition to the lineup, former Gaelic Mod winner Calum Alex MacMillan. Calum adds a whole new dimension with his excellent singing.

Producer Iain MacDonald adds flute and whistle on several tracks, and several guests are also featured: Anxo Lorenzo (Galician gaitas, Baroque recorder), Xose Liz de Cea (bouzouki, lute) and The Clachnabrochan Gaelic Choir.

Iain MacDonald’s significant and identifiable production touch and Calum Malcolm’s remarkable recording skills combine excellently to provide a quality sound throughout the album.

"Dàimh present a high level of skill, combined into a fluent, zestful, collective sound."

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